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Welcome to SAMA Partner AG
Your competent partner for maintenance and repair for 25 years now

You will find practical maintenance software and services here.

We have developed the most successful maintenance software in Switzerland in close cooperation with our clients:

We have realized projects throughout Europe together with our partners.
We are aware of your requirements and therefore competent engineers from the technology and IT fields ensure the success of your project.

You can always rely on us:  Development, Consulting, Sales and support from SAMA

Call us at +41 44 687 2084
We would be glad to present SAMA to you via Internet.



New Customers

OPTIBELT Urethane Belting
Letterkenny (IRL)

Kraftwerk Reckingen AG
Küssaberg (D)

Glatt AG
Pratteln (CH)

Tanklager Auhafen AG
Muttens (CH)

Alterswohnheim Chrüzmatt
Hitzkirch (CH)

Agrana Stärke GmbH
Gmünd (A)

Agrana Stärke GmbH
Aschach (A)

EVWR Energiedienste
Visp (CH)

EnAlpin AG
Visp (CH)

Airtrike GmbH
Berlin (D)

Ultra-Brag AG
Basel (CH)

Rinteln (D)

Polycompound AG
Sissach (CH)

Graz (A)

KEZO Zweckverband
Hinwil (CH)

Klinik Seeschau AG

Kreuzlingen TG (CH)

WABAG Water Services Srl
Petrobrazi (RO)

Albula-Landwasser Kraftwerke AG
Filisur (CH)

AEW Energie AG
Bremgarten-Zufikon (CH)

Optibelt Power Transmission Srl
Sibiu (RO)

Moog GmbH
Nürnberg (D)

Ehrenhausen (A)